Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope Born in Joy

Yesterday we celebrated The Christ Jesus' resurrection. It was a great day to worship our God who loved us so much that He gave us His only Son, to not only give us a model to live by, give us hope, but to Die in order to take on my sin and remove it.
Saturday was a day of contemplation for me. I turned 50 on Friday and even though I see that one day is like the next when it comes to how old I am, I was still in the mode of assessing my life thus far. I won't bore you with the details of those musings, but I can say that God is good in my life.
And then, I began thinking of the day it was. A friend mentioned the day it was, between when we observe Jesus' death and all its implications personally and the day of His resurrection and the joy and hope that it brings.
I have wondered how it was for all these men and women who followed Jesus, heard what he said, believed, then witnessed his death. How much conflict was within each one. Thomas had the guts to express his doubt, but others were having the inner turmoil, I can about guarantee it. We all do, but God does not hold it against us. His love for us transcends our doubts. We all have these struggles, but it is the conclusion we reach; that is what He cares about. We hope in Him and that covers over any doubts that we may have had. I can imagine the joy at seeing Him, hearing the familiar timber of His speech. The reassurance that was theirs can be ours too. I rejoice with them!
The conclusion that I have to come to is that God's love for me is the most extravagant love imaginable and when hope covers over any doubt that may fleetingly exist in my spirit, about any aspect of my life, I remind myself of what was done for me; then conclude that surly my God who had such an umimaginally perfect plan for us all has today covered too.

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