Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are We on Plan B? C?

     Today we moved Dan's grandmother into the convalescent home. She is 93 and has been an active, feisty ball of energy her whole life. I asked Dan if he warned them she would give them hell. He had opted to let them learn that all on their own. You see, he also works there as the support services manager. She will take full advantage I am sure. He may just get a chuckle out of it.
     We never know what will happen tomorrow, do we? I find that to be more true every day. I make plans but maybe I need to post my plans where everyone can note what they are. You can't tell your daughter, um no, it won't work. You getting married this year isn't in the plan because I have budgeted to put new flooring down.
     When I am 93, will I say I have accomplished all my goals, or will family love me and remember how the new floors were put off for a wedding. How the doors were always open to come back into and the multipurpose room became another bedroom and the treadmill was moved into the laundry room.
     My four year old grandson will not stay his snuggly little self so I had better relish the stay-overs that include a bedtime story, or two, and now can you read "Good Night Moon?"
     Our little house is like the great Houdini, and Markus is excited to see Ma and Papa working on his new room. I'm just glad we are handy people, but I am wondering how we will be ready in two short weeks for them to move in. He is bugging his Mom to come over all the time now. I think he hopes that this time he will just be able to stay.
     When I was a little kid I would get mad and say  that I was going to run away from home and go live with Grandma. I would have thought it a dream to live with her all the time. I'm sure that will change and when he gets mad he will have to run away to somewhere else.
      I know God knows everything and has a plan for us, but I wonder if He ever finds Himself scooting over to make room for our plans because He loves us more?  I hope I'm not too much trouble.

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